Jungle is a London based modern funk band, founded in 2013 by childhood friends Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson.

Their musical style can be described as mid-tempo 1970s-style funk/soul mixed with tropical percussion, wildlife noises, falsetto yelps and psychedelic washes. Surrounding mesmeric beats with subtly detailed sonics is their specialty just as much as exquisite live performance.

Jungle has developed its nature as a collective by working with different artists across diverse disciplines. They expanded to a seven-piece band, fronted by Tom & Josh to perform the music live because they wanted to challenge themselves and create an incredible musical experience for their audience.

In October 2013 they released their hit single ‘The Heat’ through Chess Club Records, while their debut album ‘Jungle’ was released through XL Recordings in July 2014 and shortlisted for the 2014 Mercury Prize. Their biggest hit is definitely ‘Busy Earnin’, that was featured in TV productions several times and used for the Toyota Yaris Hybrid advert. ‘Jungle’ is an homage to 1970s conscious soul, that reaches musical spheres occupied by legends such as Curtis Mayfield.

The Rolling Stone magazine characterizes their music as simple, unbridled, almost childlike, enthusiasm that can rightly be called ‘pop’, though in a fractured, yet still danceable, form. As the group gets more known, you wonder if this simplicity will go away, lost as they approach greater success.

On Tuesday, November 7th they will perform in Razzmataz, Barcelona, so make sure to get your tickets!